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— Helping you to help yourself.

“How do we face the things that we think we can’t face? We have to turn to our pain and go straight in, because the only way out is through.”

— A. Stassinopoulos

Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, struggling to cope with past traumas, or weighed down by the dark cloud of depression?

Are you and your partner facing challenges in your relationship, finding it difficult to communicate effectively and connect on a deeper level?

Do you want to change the way you are feeling to create a positive future?

I'm Kath, and I'm here to offer you the support you need to navigate life's challenges and embrace positive change. As an accredited BACP counsellor, I specialise in working with individual adults and couples, providing a range of online services, including counselling, couples therapy, clinical supervision, and adoption support. Whether you're seeking to overcome personal struggles, improve your relationships, or enhance your professional practice, I'm here to help you heal and live your best life.

Flexible options for therapy

At KM Counselling, I understand that each person's needs and circumstances are unique, which is why I offer flexible options for therapy. Whether you prefer short-term interventions or a more extended therapeutic journey, I tailor my approach to suit your specific goals and preferences.

Additionally, I recognise the importance of accessibility and convenience, which is why I provide both online and telephone counselling services.

With this flexibility, you can access the support you deserve from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

How counselling can help you

I believe reaching out for help takes great strength and courage. We all face moments of uncertainty, inner conflicts, and emotional challenges that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. That's where counselling can play a pivotal role.

At KM Counselling, I offer you a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space where you can freely explore the problems you are struggling with. My purpose is not to "fix" you, but rather to provide compassionate support, empowering you to discover your own path towards healing and growth. Through active listening and genuine understanding, I'll be by your side, offering an alternative perspective and guiding you to find the answers you seek from within.

Together, we will work towards fostering resilience, self-awareness, and the tools necessary for you to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Remember, the strength to transform your life lies within you, and counselling can be the catalyst that sets your journey of self-discovery in motion.

“No-one saves us but ourselves. No-one can and no-one may. We ourselves must walk the path. ” — Buddha 563BC.

Issues I can help with

From anxiety and depression to trauma-related issues such as PTSD and panic attacks, I am here to lend a compassionate ear and provide therapeutic guidance.

Whether you're struggling with anger issues, OCD, relationship conflicts, or gender identity and transitioning, my counselling sessions are designed to explore these issues with empathy and understanding.

Additionally, I also support those dealing with bereavement and loss, including infant loss support, acknowledging the profound impact such experiences can have on individuals and families.

Fees & availability

  • Couples therapy - £90
  • Individual - £55
  • EMDR - £60
  • Supervision - £55

Payment is required 48 hours in advance of the session by Bank Transfer.

If you wish to cancel an appointment I require 48 hours notice or you will be charged for the cancellation.

Get in touch

I offer a free 15 minute initial telephone consultation. Any questions, or queries please feel free to get in touch via the contact form or my email/phone below.

I am presently working online or by telephone only.

To book an appointment:

If you are put through to the answering service, I maybe with a client.

Please DO leave a message with contact details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The telephone and email systems are handled with full confidentiality. You can view my Privacy Policy here.

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